The Duke-Cybersecurity attacks-Intelligence Gathering-"Patriots"-Cyber Espionage Since 1998-Moonlight

JUN 26TH    SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST    2016 ADE
(See Briefing as primary)
Intelligence Communities have been aware of Russian cyber sleuthing since early 1998 ... The Dukes Assembly serves as the core administrator ... U.S. FBI alerted the Democratic Party HQ in September 2015 ... "When Special Agent Adrian Hawkins of the Federal Bureau of Investigation called the Democratic National Committee in September 2015 to pass along some troubling news about its computer network, he was transferred, naturally, to the help desk."
F-SECURE : " ... But are the Dukes a team or a department inside a government agency? An external contractor? A criminal gang selling to the highest bidder? A group of tech-savvy patriots? We don’t know." : F-SECURE
Note : Putin reply to questions about source of cyber attacks against U.S. 2016 election : " ... Patriots ..." : Note
Summary "This leaves us with the final question: which country? We are unable to conclusively prove responsibility of any specific country for the Dukes. All of the available evidence however does in our opinion suggest that the group operates on behalf of the Russian Federation. Further, we are currently unaware of any evidence disproving this theory. Kaspersky Labs has previously noted the presence of Russian-language artefacts in some of the Duke malware samples [9]. We have also found a Russian-language error message in many PinchDuke samples: “Ошибка названия модуля! Название секции данных должно быть 4 байта!” This roughly translates as, “There is an error in the module’s name! The length of the data section name must be 4 bytes!”"

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