The American Patch : Presidential Document Of Declaration Establishing The Vested Mutual Interests Relationship Between The Citizen And The State : The United States Peace, Trust And Friendship Bond

NOV 3RD     SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST     2016 ADE
The American Patch Ensures Direct Democracy Prevails In Freedom And Pride
American Template Of Civil, Political And Human Relationship Between Citizen And State
Free Prior Informed Consent
November 3rd, 2016
A Presidential Executive Order Of State
This Fundamental Declaration Of Fee Simple Estate Within Vested Executive Powers Shall Forthwith Entrench The Continuous Citizen And State Bond
The fundamental, continuous and successful civil, human and political relationship in the modern era between the citizen and the state is founded through the mutual interests bond of free prior informed consent (FPIC); where the state is a creation of thoughtful consideration by the Creator; as expressed through the gathered script of founding parties; and, does continue in redefinition by each and every hour of every day through the individual and collegial works and efforts of each and every citizen therein; hence, it is the perceived, welcomed and understood duty of care for the President of these United States of America to ensure that there is a tangible document of discovery and holding of fiat and fee simple to be issued by the state to the citizen; wherein, this said document shall be the firm expression of gratitude and indebtedness from the state to the individual citizen for having gathered together for the political purpose of creating a physical boundary of state to be nurtured and protected for the mutual benefit of all that shall reside as citizenry within this political sphere of influence.
Namely, these physical boundaries of the United States of America arise through the free dedication of founding citizens to allocate their claim of land into the political structure of the arising state – a vesting of allodial title; through which both the financial institute of the state and the military forces to protect and preserve this state nation exist for the specific purpose of protecting and preserving this state as a nation.
And, the aforementioned having occurred in absence of the free prior informed consent of the original sovereign native citizenry; while, it is further acknowledged that human bondage prevailed as a widespread commercial practise via the capture and enslavement of citizens of other nations for transport to this arising nation state of America for the purpose of ensuring that this United States of America shall survive and prosper.
Therefore, as President of this United States of America, it is herein, created and entrenched through my office and within my executive authority that each citizen shall forthwith be delivered a Declaration Of Fiat and Fee Simple (DFFS); henceforth, colloquially to be referred to as the “American Patch” in the form of a wall document and wallet card; attesting to the following :
“This DFFS Document
Attests To The Simultaneous And Mutual Interests Ethic Of State And Citizen To Enjoy Peace, Trust And Friendship Through Our State Nation Enterprise; And, Further, That This United States Of America Shall Remain Strong and Successful In Purpose Due To The Efforts Of Each Citizen Therein; While The State Shall Ensure Safety Of Person Herein As The Fundamental Duty Arising In This Social Contract – A Bond Of Fiat And Fee Simple : A Bond Of Good Faith.”

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