Moss Lady Prayers For The American Electorate : Admission To The Garden Of Healing

SEP 28TH     SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST     2016 ADE
The ingredients within the Moss Lady Prayer are designed to provide successful pathways for reconciliation with pain and fear. This is, also, a technique which integrates the inventory Life Against Death skills that assist in organizing one's pains and pleasures that inhabit all of our lives throughout our entire lifespan.

The Moss Lady Prayer (MLP) utilizes the "Garden of Healing" illusion; through  which there occurs an open invitation for all of our apprehensions / fears / pains to come alive within our immediate environment ... This healing process unfolds as follows :
  1. Create your personal Garden of Healing : Envision your home; which will have a backyard garden area; which is picket-fenced
  2. Our historical practice to handle "pain" is to put up blocks against its aggressive assault upon our health and comfort. In this case of the illusion, the picket fencing establishes our "blocks" ... pain has to work hard to enter - and, cannot enter unless it passes through our picket fence gateway
  3. Therein, with this "gateway" we begin to possess control of the pain. And, our established practice is to resist pain coming into our life / "Garden Of Healing" is by way of pressing against this "gate" when we visualize "pain" approaching
  4. Hence, for successful healing - which means allowing our body to understand what this pain IS - we must begin a process of'
  5. FIRST - opening this "gate" and allow the pain to enter our Garden Of Healing
  6. NEXT - confront this "pain" by asking our body to understand the actual physical effect that this "pain" is having upon our body
  7. THIS MEANS - understanding how this pain is causing the immediate physical effect upon our biological system; namely,
  8. IS THIS PAIN - Hot. Cold, Sweet, Sour, Wet, Dry, Bright, Dark, Friend or Foe
  9. This mechanism assists our body in understanding how to respond to this "pain"; therein, providing the pathways of the wide assortment of biological agents that we all possess to begin to target thus "pain"; and, to disarm it from being a further threat to our comfort and security
  10. REMEMBER - "pain" is like an alligator : TRY to NOT THINK about an ALLIGATOR for the NEXT MINUTE ...